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Friday, April 15, 2011

A nail stamping fan???

So I want to share something with anyone reading this blog (if there is any at all, lol). If you're like me love nail art and Konad, I hope you'll like this post.
If you want to buy any Konad IM plates from sites like www.wowsocool.com or www.ocnailart.com you'll see you have to pay $6.99 for one IM plate. Yes, there's over 80 plates to chose from. But if you're like me a mom with kids or a student, you want a great deal or a lower price.
And I'm here to tell you now I've found a place you can get a lot plates with the same images as Konad for way less. I counted 24 plates that looks like they could be Konad, the only thing they don't have is the sticker backside that Konad has. Therefore these have sharper edges, so you shouldn't let small kids handle them. ANd even if these aren't Konad they won't give you a poor stamp on your nail, they work just the same. An other bonus to this site is that they sell the Hello Kitty plate, so you don't have to look all over ebay to find it. That said this site has an ebay store, but anyways.
If you order before April 30 2011, all the plates cost $1.55 each it's their 50% special and an other great service they have is FREE SHIPPING.
But here take a look for your self:







Here's my tip, if you see they have the same IM plate you like at bornpretty shop there for the IM plates. And get the special stamping polishes and maybe the double sided stamper at one of the other two online stores, since bornpretty only has a a kit with stamping polish (7 colors) and the basic stamper and scraper.
I will from now on check bornpretty first for IM plates I want and order from them, but keep on getting the polishes from wowsocool.

I hope this post will help anyone who is a Konad/nailstamping fan like me.
Have a great weekend.

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