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Sunday, September 13, 2015

So Much Stress

I know I haven't posted here in weeks. But it's been very stressful the last 3 1/2 weeks.
My 92 year old grandmother in-law that I am caretaker of had a heart attack, and since then my duties to take care of her has doubled.
Since then her pulse have been really low 38-46 beats per minute, and she's been very weak, not able to eat much and needed more help than normal. Needless to say I haven't had much sleep the last few weeks, and thank goodness I don't have a beauty blog or beauty YT channel where I do makeup tutorials. My skin is so bad.... And have dark circles under my eyes, I look like a raccoon.

Grandmother in-law was rushed again to the hospital because her pulse was very low and she was so weak and dizzy. They also saw that her kidneys have been damaged the last few weeks due to the medications they prescribed her.

Anyways, because of all the stress the last few weeks we have decided to take the kids to the Utah state fair tomorrow. So I did my nails.....
Didn't do a video of this mani, too worn out to record and edit one right now.

I used my first Enchanted  Polish Flashing Lights, this is just stunning. I so have to get a backup of this polish, I can't stop staring at it.
And on two of the nails on my right hand I did 2 coats of Orly Deja Vu as base for a negative space nail look. I used some striping tape, vertically on one nail and horizontally on the other once Deja Vu had completely dried. Then applied 2 coats of Flashing Lights and removed tape while the polish was still wet.
For the image I knew I wanted something delicate but simple that wouldn't hide the effects in Flashing Lights, so pulled out my Marianne Nails plate and picked a rose image on Marianne Nails n64 and stamped the image on 2 nails on each hand as accent nails with Funky Fingers Dark Knight.
Applied Superchic Lacquer Marvel topcoat on all nails, and pulled out my Crystal Katana and glued on some Swarovski crystals that was sent to me by Crystal Ninja a few weeks back.

 Left hand


Right hand with the negative space and different crystal placement.

These nails go well as awareness nails for Awareness Childhood Cancer for September too.
I wish you could see the full effect of the holographic effect in this gold glitter polish, it's just stunning. I hope you liked this one, thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stained Glass Flowers.

I know summer is coming to an end, so I wanted to do a nice floral design on my nails.
I've had some glitter flakies in my collection for ages, but never used them. I don't even remember where I got them from..... Duh..... I know.

youtube tutorial

But I wanted to do something with those flakies.
So I painted my nails with 2 coats of Orly Deja Vu, then applied 1 thin coat of Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor. I don't know why but when I use this polish my mani tend to peel off in one go after a day or two. It's darn pretty, just dam annoying it keeps doing that no matter what base or topcoat I use.

Anyways, I used some foil glue to glue on the flakies. These flakies weren't tended for nail art because they're really thick. So I had to press down the corner of the flakies so they wouldn't stick out on my nail beds. I applied 2 coats of GListen & Glow HK Girl to even out the nail bed before I started stamping. I used Fab Ur Nails FUN15  and Funky Fingers Gesso. Then I applied 1 coat of topcoat again before I grabbed my pot of Akzents Bling On this gel is to fasten crystals or other nail embellishments onto your nails.
This gel can be cured in both LED (60-90 seconds) and UV curing light (3 minutes). I got some Swarovski crystals from Michael's almost 2 years ago, so expensive there for just a few crystals, and picked them up with my Crystal Katana from Crystal Ninja. Crystal Katana is the best pickup tool, I can't stop raving about this tool. If you want to buy it, enter the code; KORWEGIAN at checkout and get $1 off and a free storage case (costs. $ 8.95 on it's own).

These nails were so hard to photograph, because of the reflection camera kept going off focus.
But I hope you see some of the stained glass effect.

I hope you liked this one, thanks for stopping by.
Happy stamping!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Touch Of Elegance

I wanted something simple but elegant on my nails. So I decided to do a look that also can be used as bridal nails. So if you're getting married and don't know what to do on your nails, then keep reading.

I applied Bliss Kiss Simply Peel around my cuticles for easy clean up, it's a peel off base with latex, But not pure latex so the smell isn't as bad as pure liquid latex. Plus it has glitter in it so it sparkles once it's dry.
I used Orly Deja Vu as my base color, I applied 2 thin coats.
Then I grabbed my Marianne Nails n01 and Funky Fingers Gesso as my stamping polish.
I am using the clear stamper head I got from Fab Ur Nails in her cap stamper handle. And stamped all my nails. Then I applied Glisten & Glow HK Girl fast drying topcoat and peeled off Simply Peel and used my sable hair cleanup brush from Fab Ur Nails and polish remover to clean any leftover polish on my skin and cuticles.
Then I selected the 3D nail decoration from aliexpress and my Akzents Bling On UV/LED light gel. This gel is to attach any 3D nail decorations, if you're loving Swarovski crystals like I do. This gel is safe for the Swarovski crystals, it won't ruin the sparkle effect in the crystals. You need a UV or LED light to cure the gel. If you have UV curing  lamp you have to cure it for 3 minutes, LED lamp for 60 seconds. I used my Crystal Katana to place and adjust the decoration onto my nail, it is the best pickup tool for crafts and nail art. Since I have a 12W LED I cured the gel for 60 seconds.

youtube tutorial.

Friday, June 19, 2015

I Am Still Here!!!

Again, not been blogging as much. Been busy from husband being ill, and myself doing something weird to my shoulder and neck. Oh and my 4 1/2 year old got sick again. Plus summer holiday has started so kids at home and me needing to find activities for them so they don't go stir crazy.

I decided to do my nails after I saw this bright blue fabric with flower and leaves patterns in purple, black and off white.

I painted my base with China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind. Then I picked my Infinity Nails by Dashica plate nr 62. MdU stamping polishes in Tutti, Violet and Bones, plus Funky Fingers Dark Knight.

youtube tutorial.

final look

but I felt like I could add some Swarovski crystals.

My new video of the Crystal Katana with some katana accessories.
Best pick-up tool ever for crystals and other 3D nail art decorations.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Not Completely Nude.

I know it's been a few weeks since I posted.
But for a week I was super busy. I found a 14 day old baby bird outside our door and had to take care of it until we delivered it to a wild rescue center. So I had to feed it every hour, meaning I didn't get much sleep the week it was our house guest.

the day I found it she was weak, wet and cold.

7 days later, flapping her wings, standing on my hand when I fed her.
This is her sleeping.

Anyways wasn't much time to do nails, I had to stare at the same chipping polish color while the bird was here. But the bird is doing amazing at the wild rescue center, so the sleepless hours and the 20$ donation and the over 2 hour drive for them to take her in was so worth it.

Today I was in the mood for nude nails, with something delicate but still kinda bold.
So I pulled Essie Sugar Daddy for my base color. And my Dashica Big SdP U plate and Dashica stamping polish in Purple. I also tried Bliss Kiss Simply Peel for the first time, I already heard so much buzz about it. I love their cuticle oils and lotion stick. Simply Peel doesn't have that strong bad smell that pure latex does, it's milder in Simply Peel.

final look.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Messy Mansion Accessories Kit 2.0

I saw on Messy Mansion facebook page announcing this kit, and I knew I couldn't wait. I had to ignore my NO BUY and get this set.
I ordered mine from Messy Mansion's site and I got it the week after.
Oh, my I do not even know what else to say than this kit is freaking AWESOME.

This kit is a must have in any stamping collection. It will allow you to do so much more with your plates, even if you only have a few plates.

It's just easier for you to watch my youtube video reviewing this kit, just be warned it is a long video of me talking about this kit and showing you how it works.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First Easter Mani Of The Year Didn't Go As Planned.

When I got the Spring/Easter collection Sunshine & Rainbows from 10.1 Polish I knew I had to do at least 1 Easter mani with it. I had it all planned out, what background and what plate, and the images I wanted.
A couple of years ago the stunning Dulce aka Bunny Nails did a mani with bunnies playing around under a cherry blossom tree on a pink base. But I wanted to do a mani with this look with the bunnies playing on a green field on a sunny day. And I knew two of the Sunshine & Rainbows collection polishes would be perfect as the background base for this mani. I even used the same plate for the bunnies as Dulce did, one of her own amazing plates Bunny Nails HD-B. This image plate has some Easter images, St. Patrick's Day images, birthday images and some Valentine's Day images. And if you haven't tried Bunny Nails plates, they are amazing.

My inspiration from the very talented Dulce aka Bunny Nails.

Products I used for this mani:
Pro FX Fiberized ridge filler base coat
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Mr Blue Sky and Springtime Carpet from 10.1 Polish
Bunny Nails HD-B plate
Candy head stamper heads from Marianne Nails
Fab Ur Nails Marshmallow stamper head
DIY stamper handle
Graftobian makeup latex in red
DRK Nails stamping polish in White
Dashica stamping polish in Emerald Green/Dark Green and Brown
Dotting tool
Glisten & Glow HK topcoat
Bliss Kiss cuticle oil

youtube tutorial

When I was done stamping the bunnies and grass, I thought adding the cherry blossom branches and flowers would overcrowd my mani. And I was so bummed and unhappy with the mani. But still decided to share the mani and do the tutorial to show the Bunny Nails plate and the 10.1 polishes.
So I uploaded my picture to instagram and couple of friends (Gwen & Kelly) pointed out it reminded them of a mani done by another nail friend of mine, Diana. And you know what, I have admired Diana's work for so long. So I looked at it again, and liked my mani again. Why? Because I felt like when my friends told me that my mani reminded them of one of Diana's that was a huge compliment. Diana always creates these amazing looking manis and she inspires a lot of people around the world. Not just little old me.... I will just continue to wish I had wider nail beds so I could do more on my nails without it making my nails look overcrowded..... And do my best to do nail art.

Diana's amazing story telling mani.

My playful Easter bunny mani....
 So simple looking compared to Dulce's and Diana's, but I still like it now.

Special thanks to:
Dulce/Bunny Nails for her amazing plate and being such an inspiration to others with her nail art. 
Kelly the amazing friend and lady behind the 10.1 Polishes
Diana van Nisselroy for all the inspiration to others with her amazing talent for nail art.
Gwen for being such and amazing friend, thanks again for all of the goodies you sent me.
Love ya, girls.