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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting into Trick or Treat mode.

Soon time for Halloween again, trying to figure out what costumes to get for the kids. Daddy wants to get little snuggle bunny a cow costume, I told him: OVER NY DEAD BODY!!!! Little snuggle bunny is gonna be something cute.... Trying to find out some ideas for my nails that hasn't been done before, but not easy in this youtube age. So how do I get into Halloween mode? It has to start with one movie The Others with Nicole Kidman, and then maybe The Changeling and The Ring (the Japanese version). Then I can start decorating, sadly we now live in an apartment so we can't go all out there like we normally do with our lights, pumpkins, tombstones, foggers, spiders and so on. We also order glow bracelets from ebay that we give out with full size candybars. Yeah, kids love to come to our door on Halloween. But anyways we order the braclets, way cheaper there, since we give out 3 or 4 to each kid. They love it and their parents love it too, since it helps to keep them safe in the dark with traffic.
We also do some a mini game so the kids have a chance to win a BIG candy bar. Yeah, we try to make that day as much fun as we can for the kids, and also something different from all the others. And of course Halloween is also my husband favorite holiday. I'm still new to the Halloween thing being from Norway and all, not common at all. Unless you live in Oslo. So this will be m 6 th Halloween. But I love it too, because all of the happy kids that come to our door and all the cute costumes they're wearing.
So hope you have a great Halloween and have as much fun as we do prepping for it.

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