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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Korean Dinner.

A couple of posts ago, I told you I won a giveaway, Korean marinated meats and dumplings from Green Chopsticks. I have tasted the dumplings from Green Chopsticks before and I just love them, just hoping Costco here in Salt Lake will get them back permanently. Anyways...... I was adopted from South-Korea when I was 3 1/2 years old, I don't remember anything from there. And even tho my adopted family cooked dishes from around the world: Indian, Chinese, Italian, Norwegian, England, Spain and so on. My mother went to Seoul when I was 10 to escort kids who were going to be adopted to Scandinavia, and she got some Korean snacks. Can't remember what kind they were, but some I liked and some I just hated. But other than that I hadn't had any Korean food since I was adopted. So when I moved to USA in 2005 a friend told me I had to try Korean BBQ, so my husband and I went to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Arizona.   And the flavors from the dishes tasted familiar to me, even tho I couldn't remember anything. But from that day I wanted to try Korean food again and find a cookbook and make some dishes out of it. And when we lived in Long Beach I loved shopping at the Korean markets, got to make beef Bulgogi a few times. And it was easy to find good kimchi. Here in Salt Lake I haven't found an Asian market yet that has good selection of Korean ingredients.

But back to the Korean dinner, I started the rice cooker with some good rice. Then pulled out the 2 packs of meats chicken and beef bulgogi. The chicken bulgogi is not like the beef one that is soy based, it's made with the chili paste they use. It wasn't as spicy as I thought, it had some heat to it but it was also sweet. I really liked it. As I told hubby I want to get my hands on some chili paste and make it my self. The Beef Bulgogi was very mild, I wish it had more of the flavor from the marinade after I cooked it. Don't get me wrong,  it's was good the meat was nice and tender just wanted a bit more of the bulgogi flavorings to it.
The chicken bulgogi was my favorite of the two, and it tasted familiar to me. So who knows, maybe I ate something like that when I was a little rug rat back in Seoul many years ago. The dumplings are very good too, yes they're frozen ones. But they are the best frozen dumplings I have ever had, full of flavor. All of us love them here, and we're hoping that one of the Costco's near us will start selling them again. If not I'll just have to order them now and then from the Green chopsticks online store. And if I can't find the hot chili paste, I will also order the chicken Bulgogi from them.

Beef bulgogi, rice, kimchi, dumplings and chicken bulgogi.

If you want to try Korean dumplings and marinated meats check them out.


Also look them up on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenchopsticks
They do roadshows at Costco's and other stores, so check if they're doing one near you. They will list the dates and places on their wall.

Thanks to ://www.pinkdandychatter.com/ . & Green Chopsticks

Have a great day.

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