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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dashica's Dash Set.

I was so exited when Shirley announced she was releasing a 20 plate set, and was really happy when I saw the previews she showed us a few weeks ago. And I knew I had to add this set to my collection.
Now holding them in my hands there is no doubt this is my favorite set ever. The designs are as amazing as always. And even tho the plates are smaller than the normal sized ones they still have the same size on the images. The designs are amazing, I don't know how Shirley comes up with all these designs, they are all unique. And there are some known characters on these plates, like Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty, 007 logo. She has also added some images for holidays like Halloween and Christmas.
Yes, this set costs more than other plate sets out there. But after seeing these images first hand I am glad I got them, I will test them out later.
I am sorry, but on some of the pictures the camera had a fit on me. But here's the pictures of the Dash set:

The only thing about this folder is that the plastic sheets have a matte finish to them, so you have to be in good light to be able to see all the details of the images.

Dash 1

Dash 2

Dash 3

Dash 4

Dash 5

Dash 6

Dash 7

Dash 8

Dash 9

Dash 10

Dash 11

Dash 12

Dash 13

Dash 14

Dash 15

Dash 16

Dash 17

Dash 18

Dash 19

Dash 20


  1. Lovely. How much is this set in USD?

  2. Will they ship to the USA? I'm absolutely in LOVE with this set...