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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The stress of a winter day.

So today was going to be busy and all, some house work, getting our carpets cleaned and do my nails for today's challenge. So with all that we decided to get a family meal from Panda Express. So much for that plan, one of the brand new tires we got on the car Friday got ruined on the way there......  Thank goodness we got the the damage pack when we got them...... Needless to say it was a while to get road assistant there and all, and the spare on before heading to Panda Express. At least we got the carpets cleaned before it all happened. So dinner was delayed and in the end too stressed to do the challenge mani today. And I had plans had my hubby doing my nails and filming it........ Yes, he was going to polish and stamp them.
Now we're just so tired so going to watch The amazing Spideman on DVD and eat some Dutch apple pie.
And yes, my nails are all naked........... What a sin......... Naked nails.........
And winter has finally hit us here in Salt Lake City, we have snow and it's so darn cold..... I miss being in Arizona or LA in these months.....
Have a great week

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