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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Preview: Dashica XL SdP plates 101-120.

Here's the last preview of the new upcoming Dashica plates that will be released for sale later this month.
The Dashica XL SdP plates are the normal sized plates. They stamp amazing as all  of the Dashica plates and they have more images on them than the normal sized ones from Konad, Bundle Monster, Cheeky, Mash, Shany etc.
There is no doubt that of the plates I own Dashica is my favorite brand. The images are amazing and I've never had any problems ordering from Shirley, she is super sweet.

These plates normally cost 3.80 euro ($4.90 USD) but right now they're on sale for 3.50 euro ($4.50 USD)
If you live in Europe you can pre-order from their webshop (direct link to the new plates):

But for the rest of us who has to do world wide shipping send an email to:

And you will get a reply from Shirley within a day or two (that's what she's done to me in the past). Also if you have any questions you can do so by email or visit Dashica's facebook page and ask there:

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