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Monday, February 15, 2010

No computer at the moment.

So I guess my first blog will be about my dead computer.... My dear computer had problems for a while and even being married to a former Dell support tech didn't help much.... It started to crash and give me that black screen with all that darn text we all fear.... My pc kept telling me about all the files and programs that had been corrupted: firefox, windows, internet explorer and so on and so on. Until it gave up and gave me the blue screen of death..... So until I get my hands on a new computer I am using our Wii and my cellphone....

So at the moment I won't be able to add any pictures to my posts.... But hopefully this will change soon.... And I don't know how many posts I will do, because typing on Wii system with Wii controller sucks.... But I aill try my best.

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