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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Out The Door Topcoat.

As promised here's my review of Out The Door Topcoat.
I got mine at Sally's Beauty Supply the other day, I got the 73 ml/2.5 oz and for $10.99.
So on the bottle it says America's # 1 super fast drying topcoat. But is it really??
Until now Seche Vite top coat was my favorite one, but not anymore. This one is really fast drying, I just love it. The things I didn't like about Seche Vite is that you feel like you have to air out your home for minutes after use and that it has a warning on the back that it can cause fetal damage if you're pregnant. Out The Door Top Coat, smells like my China Glaze and OPI polishes, and that I can deal with.
So I did my nails used it and loved it, and decided to try it with some nail art. If you plan to use glitter, rhinestones, nail deco etc. work fast because this dries fast. Make sure you have your nail decorations and tools needed ready before you start.
You can also use more than one layer of topcoat with this one if needed to seal your nail art, and it will still dry really fast. And won't look like you have layers and layers of topcoat on your nails.

So out of 10 how will I rate this:

Out The Door Topcoat = 10 points

I will keep on using this one, doubt I will change. I'll try others of course, but this one is a keeper for me. And if you have kids like me who like to have nail polis on their fingers, this one is perfect because it dries to fast. Oh, and you know kids don't have patience to wait for minutes and minutes so you'll need any help you can get.

Going to add some pictures, I didn't do anything really fancy with my nails this time. It was really late so made it simple for once.

Take care and don't forget to take moments for your self and relax.

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