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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A new food item I tried.

So after seeing commercials for this product the last week, I decided to try it out this weekend.
Philadelphia Cooking Creme and the Santa Fe blend. So I cut up some chicken breast, some white onion and a red bell pepper and tossed it all in my big skillet with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Once the chicken was lightly browned and almost fully cooked I added the tub of cooking creme, and left it to simmer for a few minutes until the chicken was fully cooked. Then I served it in flour tortillas with cheese, salad greens, and salsa in bowls so we all could pick our fillings.
I must say it was a fast and easy way to get good flavor to your chicken and it kept it moist and tender. I will so get these again to keep in my fridge for the days I only have 30 minutes or so to make dinner. There are 4 flavors Santa Fe, Savory garlic, Italian cheese and Herb & Original.

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