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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring on it's way??

So I decided since baby girl was asleep in great grandma's arms that I could go out and do some light work in the back yard. In other words, the charming job of picking up dog land mines and picking up some twigs and leaves. And while I was working with my Ipod on my ears I noticed there was a few purple flowers coming up in some of my flower beds. And the grass is getting green in some areas..... Sign of spring is near, YAY.... My BIG black cat Ares, and yeah he's BIG he's 18 1/2 lb he's always been a big boy. He's not fat, just have really big bones I guess. But anyways Ares was playing with my dog Rikku who is a Sharpei and lab mix. I must say it's so funny to see the two of them hanging out, but they were taking turns chasing each other around my feet while I was working.
But even tho I was wearing garden gloves 2 of my nails broke...... /cries
So my nails that I was so happy having the perfect length and shape is back to short...... Oh, well I guess some make feel better Konading is due later tonight.....

I have to make a post of my last haul from wowsocool.

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