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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Going wild for chocolate!

So who doesn't like chocolate? We all get this hunger that only chocolate can fix. So I decided to some on my nails, while of course eating a few bites of Norwegian chocolate my parents had sent me.
I used the base coat from Finger Paint, then Hot for chocolate from Revlon that I just got and used 2 coats. It looks like melted dark chocolate on your nails, yummy. I use Out the door top coat before I start stamping, in case I make a mistake and have to remove it with some polish remover I won't rub away the color. Then I decided to use the animal print stamp on Konad plate M78 and their special polish in grey pearl. But while I was using my scraper I saw that the color isn't really grey it's more like gold..... SO why they call it grey pearl on wowsocool.com I don't know. Oh, and a quick tip, I don't use the Konad scraper anymore. I didn't like the fact that it leaves scratches on your plates, so I use an old credit card. But back to my nail art design, I sealed the animal print with Konad top coat.

But here are all the products I used for this design and the result. Hope you enjoyed my Going wild for chocolate look. Have a great weekend.

I used the image on the top left.

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