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Friday, April 22, 2011

A tired mommy's tricks.

So after hours of little baby-girl not being happy unless in mommy's arms while mommy rocking and singing, mommy got so tired she had to sit down. And the nearest chair was in the office in front of the computer. And as soon as mommy sat down the baby cries  became even more intense, so what was a mommy to do??
With a mouse click  up pops youtube, tried a few videos with some mellow music with hope that the little unhappy bundle would fall asleep. One song after an other she keeps crying, until I this song:

Baby -girl went silent, then there was a BIG smile on her face, then giggles and after 6-7 replays she was asleep in my arms. So I guess that is a clear sign I have a little K-pop fan in the house. At least I have a trick up my sleeve when she has one of those bad days again.

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