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Sunday, May 29, 2011


So we're moving soon so I'm packing like crazy. I hate moving and all the stress that comes with it. Not easy to do with a5 month old baby that want mommy all the time. But again it hit me, I have done a few moves before and each time I said to my self not to hold on to junk throw stuff away or donate them. Have I????
So we have this storage space under the stairs and I find 3 boxes of old baby clothes for boys, why didn't I just give tem to Goodwill 4 years ago when my now soon 5 year old grew out of them.... I don't know...... Then there's a bunch of kitchen gadgets I have 3-6 of..... It's crazy. I'm a packrat!! Oh, and did I mention we have a huge storage locker that is filled with stuff. I also have a few sets of really nice antique china and crystals that I got from my grandmother inlaw like 7 of them. and each is for 8-12 people. She used to have 3 houses and had them equipped and furnished to entertain friends and family. And now she has handed them all down to me. It's just a really big hassle to pack it all. Then the kids toys and all the other knick knacks we have gathered over the years. But I can say that since I've started packing I have a few loads that will go to Goodwill this time.
I just wish I was done and settled down in our new home, so much stress. Haven't really had time to do anything with my nails. Guess that is good since I have chipped and broken a few while packing.... And it has been raining like crazy in Utah, doesn't really help my mood. That and baby girl is teething so she's crying and just wants mommy all the time. Thank goodness for chocolates I got from back home, a bite of chocolate a day is like heaven these days. So funny sometimes that the simplest thing can make your day. And of course husband came home with some sushi, so sweet. That so made my day, I LOVE SUSHI. I can't stop eating it, it's like I have no limit with sushi. Good for me it's healthy, OMG I guess I should be happy it's not like that with burgers from In & Out. They have the best burgers when only junk food will do the trick. But enough babbling I should maybe try and get some more sleep. Yup, wrote this after one of baby girls late night feedings. But I hope you all will have a great Memorial Day with friends and family.

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