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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review on stamping plates from born pretty store.

A little while ago I got my order from www.bornprettystore.com they sell nail art and beauty supplies. They added their card with the order saying if I would please review my items and post a video, pictures and so on on my website. So here it is. What I got was 10 image plates and some nail art brushes.
This will be my review on the image plates, I will be comparing them to Konad plates and Essence plate.
The main difference to Konad is the price if you order plates from www.wowsocool.com or www.ocnailart.com you pay $6.99 a plate. Or if your mall has a Konad seller like the one close to me you have to cough up $10.00 for one plate. At www.bornprettystore.com you pay $ 2.32 a plate, I know huge difference. And they have quite a few plates that are identical to Konad, they even have the same plate number. The only thing that sets them a part is born pretty plates don't have the sticker in the back, so the edges are sharper. So don't let your kids play with them, they can get cut and we don't want any of our little angels to get hurt do we???
Now next to the plate I have from essence way nicer images on the plate.... I don't really care for my essence plate, I never use it.
I ordered 10 plates that are identical to Konad plates. So how do they stamp compared to Konad??? I have used 3 plates since I got my order, and I haven't noticed any difference on the end result. Now that it's getting warmer I really need to hurry getting the stamp from the plate and onto my nail before it dries but that happens with my Konad plates too.
I am really happy with my order, and I love the plates. They work just like Konad.
So to wrap things up, I really likes these plates. I will check this store before I go to any of the Konad stores to get new plates. Who knows maybe they'll add more "Konad" plates by the time I want to add more plates to my collection. If they do I will buy the plates from them and just keep getting the stamping special polishes from Konad.
Born Pretty also have promos going on, you should "Like" them on Facebook. Like free Hello Kitty stamping plate, stickers and so on. So that's an other reason why I give Born Pretty Store two thumbs up. They care about their costumers.

Here are the pictures of the designs I used when I tried my BP plates.

BP M74

BP M61

BP M65

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