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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Born Pretty Haul

So today I got my order from www.bornprettystore.com, I made the order 2 weeks ago. And it came all the way from Hong Kong, not bad at all when the shipping was free. You can get almost anything for your nail arts at bornprettystore.com and the great thing you don't feel like you've spent your whole pay check. They're a PayPal site and they also have an Ebay store, so you can search on ebay for them.
So what was it that got me hooked on this site?? Some of the nail stamping plates they sell are identical to the Konad brand ones you get from wowsocool or OCnailart, but for a lower price.  And they sell the famous Hello Kitty plate. When I made my order they had their already low priced image plates for 50% so $1.16, it was a special they ran for a couple of weeks or so. The normal price for one of their plates is $2.32  still a pretty good deal right? I think so. I got 10 plates that are identical as the ones from the Konad brand, they even have the same plate number as Konad.  I also got a nail art brush kit with 15 nail art brushes for $4.74. The price for my order was $20.00 and look at all the stuff I got.......... I will order from this company again, it will be the first site I go to for "Konad" plates to see if they have added any more plates that have the identical images as Konad. I also plan to  add some rhinestones and stickers next time I order from them. I have my eyes on some Hello Kitty ones. And I can't wait to try out my new plates. If you order any plates from this site, when you get your plates and are trying them  out and can't get your polish to get into the image you're not doing anything wrong.... There's is a thin plastic cover on the plate that you have to peel off before the first use.
But here's a closer look on my order from www.bornprettystore.com

My whole order











nail art brush kit with 15 brushes

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  1. Very beautiful items. I like both the plates and the brushes.