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Monday, September 26, 2011


I haven't made a post here in ages. Not easy when my little snuggle bunny is teething like crazy... First it started with 1, then 2, 2 more and now 5 at the same time. So she's itching, drooling and sobbing and only wants to be with mommy 24/7. No one can comfort her like mommy. Also she isn't happy to hang out and play in her play pen anymore, she wants to crawl and explore. And let me tell you, she can really get her speed up when she's aiming for something to grab or explore closer. So mommy now needs to have hawk eyes on snuggle bunny at all times. She's also tried to stand on her own a few times, her record is 9 seconds. She holds on to a toy and thinks she's holding on to something stable then it hits her and she lands on her diaper padded bottom. Oh, and she really loves our dog Rikku Lab/Sharpei mix, who is so good with her. Snuggle bunny can pull and do what ever she wants and Rikku just sits/stands there. She even goes over so baby can grab and pull her tail. Only  bad side is that there's like 1000 dog hairs in her hands and between her fingers. Good thing that mommy has a gadget Dyson Animal, the best vacuum ever. If you're looking for a new vacuum cleaner go for a Dyson. Yes, they cost a bit more but are so worth it I've never seen any other vacuum cleaner suck up as much as a Dyson. I won't use an other brand now, it's just amazing how much it sucks up from carpets and the brushes are really good. It doesn't just suck up dirt from the surface but goes really deep in the carpet fibers, you'll notice the difference right away.

I haven't had  much time to sit down and do my nails, well I have done a few plain coats of polish now and then when I've almost gone crazy of just looking at my bare nails. But I have been "window" shopping for what polishes I have to add to my collection this Fall/vinter.  And made a list, that my poor husband saw and his eyes went @_@;
"Don't you have enough??"  A woman will never have enough shoes, nail polishes, make-up, handbags, jewelry and so on...... Stupid male questions.... LOL

Can't believe little snuggle bunny is 9 months old and it's now Fall.... Time has gone by so fast. It's now back to cold night, so I'm stocking up on ingredients to make hot chocolates with all the yummy toppings, cookies, nice warming soups and stews. Then I have to go shopping for winter outfits for the kids, so much to do.

But I will start on that soon, now I'll watch Jeff Dunham's new show Controlled Chaos on Comedy Central before I go to bed and snuggle my pillows. Not bad to end the day with laughs, nope not bad at all.

I will try and get started on nail art again.

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