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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nail Stampin Haul

So I finally decided to get the Bundle Monster plates Set 2. After seeing so many nail bloggers and youtube nail gurus using them I ordered my own set. I am still trying them out, and so far I have noticed some images are better than others. I have had a couple smudge on me and some not getting the whole image on my stamper, and I have only been using Konad Special polishes.
Then I was so tired of damaging my plates with my normal scraper and tired of not getting even scrape off's with my old credit card, so I got the plastic scraper from Konad. And Oh My!!!! I love it it scrapes off the polishes nicely and without damaging my plates. I am getting a couple more for backup later. I also got two more Konad plates and 2 polishes in the princess size and 1 normal sized. I was almost out of my white so I got that in princess size along with Pop Green and a standard bottle in black. The plates I got was M84 and M85 and I just love these two plates. I am so happy I have some more plates to play with now I only need a few more polishes to play with too. I got one so far Essie's Bbf

 Bundle Monster set 2 & Konad M84 and M85

M84, M5, Special Polishes in Pop Green, White & Black
& Plastic scraper.

First BM stamp with BM-206
Revlon Hot forChocolate and Konad special polish pearl grey

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