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Monday, February 13, 2012

Crappy start.........

So I planned that I was gonna start posting more here after New Years, but that failed due to real life stuff. Pumpking getting teeth and was cranky like crazy, grandmother in law fell and hit her head so she was feeling really bad for a week. Then when all was looking to get better, my husband felt really crappy one weekend in January. He thought he was coming down with the flu because he had hot and cold flashes. So Monday morning before he left for work he wakes me up and tells me he thinks he should go to the ER. So he did 4 hours later he was admitted with a diabetic blood poisoning due  to an abcess in his groin. The next day he sees that his arm and hand is so swollen and they find out that the IV came out from his vein and pumped fluids into his tissue for hours. He didn't notice before since he was doped up on Morfin and all. So they got that swelling down, but the toxic levels in his blood wouldn't go down so they decided to get him into surgery on Thursday to remove the abcess. He got to come home 2 days later to freaked out kids, grandmother and wife. I told him if he doesn't start managing his diabetes better I would kill him my self. But he promised me he would, since this whole thing was a huge wake up call for him. So for the next 2 weeks I had to be nurse and change and clean the area they had to go in. That next to doing all the parenting, cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking care of his grandmother, take care of dog, play with the kids and do the normal activities we usually do as a family. Needless to say I didn't get much rest or time for my self. In the end I didn't look in the mirror because I knew I looked like crap. All pale due to lack of sleep and dark circles under my eyes.
So I told my husband: You so owe me for this. I want nail stuff and sushi. And he said OK to that, because he realized if this happened to him and he was still married to his ex wife that she wouldn't help him or take care of him. She would be at the stables with her horses or be some place  else than home taking care of him. So he told me that he loves me more now than he did before. WHAT?? Then he explained that it was because even if it freaked me out and I was screaming OMG, EEEW, I CAN'T DO THIS and so on I was at his side taking care of his needs. And that next to his grandmother he had never felt that he had been loved.

He grew up with some really crappy parents, and if it wasn't for his grandma he wold have been a messed up case too. But anyways he had to stay home for a week and a half and had problems sitting, standing so it was all up to me to get things done. Now he's back to work, still in some discomfort and I got some rest. So I hope it will be back to normal soon. But anyways that is the reason why there hasn't been any new posts.

On happier notes Pumkin has started walking. She takes a few steps here and there, and we clap and cheer and she is so proud. Her record is 14 steps, so funny that she is holding on to a toy and walks a few steps. And then she realizes she isn't holding on to something stable so you falls down on her diaper padded bottom. Oh, and she is a Nick Jr fan she loves Yo Gabba Gabba and The Fresh Beat Band, she does her bounce dance and waves her arms like crazy. She has also found out if mommy is eating she wants to try it, so she has tried a lot of grown up food and some have some heat to them.  But she has liked all of it so far, happy that she isn't a picky eater like her 2 brothers.

Have a great week!

Will post a mini haul later.

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