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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fauxnad & Silver Mercedes.

Like many others who love nail stamping, it hasn't always been easy to go out there and buy Konad image plates 6.99 for one tiny plate with 5-7 images on it is kinda high. And when I started my nail stamping hobby a few years ago, I thought I could only use Konad special polishes to stamp with. So I looked all over to find cheaper alternatives to Konad image plates. And I found two web shops that sold image plates, the first one was BF-Beauty.com and the other bornprettystore.com. I got Konad dupe plates from both places and was super exited, but once I got them that faded pretty fast. No matter what I couldn't get most of them to stamp, and I tried all my Konad polishes on them. So they have been sitting at the bottom of my chest where I keep my polishes and nail art stuff. So when I decided to do this test run with Fauxnad I thought: This is gonna be a mega fail, but I'll anyway so you can see. The plates I used were M61, M65, M69, M74, M76 and M79.

Now after that I'm done stamping on these plates I am starting to wonder if Silver Mercedes has magic powers. It worked really well on all the plates but one, M76 no matter what it wouldn't pick up the whole image on my stamper on any of those flower images on that plate. So that plate will go back at the bottom of the chest and collect dust.... The Fauxnad that worked will go back to hang out with the cool gang of Konad, BM and Dashica. And I will use them with Silver Mercedes for mani's since it's the only polish I have that works on them. I am hoping that will change. But I know now I have to test stamp on these Fauxnads when I find more polishes to stamp with.

I am not saying that Bf-Beauty.com or bornprettystore.com are bad. In my opinion it's hit and miss, for prices like that you have to be prepared that you can get unlucky and get bad plates.  I have heard people who love those plates because they were lucky and got plates that worked. Also if you do order from any of those sites shipping takes around 22 days. The stamper I got from bornprettystore.com was crap and the scraper too, but I got a nail art brush kit that I just love.
But there you have it the last of my stamping test runs with Silver Mercedes, and in my opinion it's a must for a stamping polish. It rocks, I love it and next time I hit Walmart I am gonna buy 2 more as backups. I hope that these tests have helped you, and if you have any questions about any of the images please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Now I can finally remove this black polish, was starting to get really tired of it. I can do a mani again..... YAY.

And as always, Happy stamping ladies!!!

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  1. I have Sally hansen Silver Sweep and love it but want to grab this one too! I can see from your test runs it's another awesome silver! Thanks for sharing your results! :D