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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dashica & Silver Mercedes.

Here is the third brand image plate test with Silver Mercedes. If you don't know it by now, I just love my Dashica plates, I've been a proud owner for a few weeks now. And I plan to add more plates later on, my Dashica wish list is quite long. There are so many pretty plates and Shirley is super sweet, and gives great costumer service. So if you've been thinking about buying Dashica plates I can recommend them strongly. And no I am not getting any deals or anything for bragging about her plates or her web store. My plates was a gift from my husband for helping taking care of his recovery when he had surgery a few weeks ago and my Valentines Day gift.
So to get back to the topic. I knew my Dashica plates worked really well will my Konad polishes, Essie's Miami Nice and SH Brisk Blue, but had some problems with Revlon's Silver Dollar and Gold Coin. When I used the Revlon polishes I couldn't get them to work with the very fine detailed Dashica images, I guess the pigments in the polishes are too chunky. So I was really happy to see that there is no problems  at all with Silver Dollar, it works amazing on my 10 SdP plates and XXL Big plate. I picked random images from all my plates but tried to do a few with very thin lines and fine details too. The images came on to my stamper really well, and stamped really well on my nail. My hand was a bit shaky so some of the images got messed up a little. But that was my fault and not the polish or image plates. I just wish Jaguar was as good for stamping as Silver Mercedes, because I would love to go nuts with gold and silver with my Dashica plates. But until I find the perfect gold, I'll play with my silver baby.

Hope you find these test runs helpful. The last one remaining is my fauxnad plates, I will try and get that one up tomorrow. Now on to making dinner.

Happy stamping!!!

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