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Friday, March 30, 2012

Golden Friday??

Here in Utah I can't do like many of you get lottery tickets and hope to win that HUGE jackpot, so I do the next best thing. A gold mani with some stamping nail art.... Hahahaha, I know it's not really the same, but if I had some sushi and sake it would be a party.
Besides I need something to cheer me up with all the stress and having my grandmother in law in the hospital and all. Not easy to see someone you care about in pain. But the doctor said she's doing better today, and she may be coming home soon. So I get to play nurse again for a while. I have the greatest respect to the people who work in health care, I wouldn't be able to. She has been a handful to the nurses and her doctor tho, she doesn't like the side effect from medications so she keeps vital information from them. So my husband have been the source of information about her medical history and such. And they can hardly get her to eat, she has a few soda crackers here and there. She won't like that we have to change her diet, she's going to have a fit about that big time. Not looking forward to those discussions at all. But anyways back to the mani.

Since I couldn't use Pure Ice Jaguar for stamping I decided to use it as base color, so applied 2 coats.  Then I pulled out one of my Dashica plates again SdP 40 and Konad special polish in Chocolate to stamp with.
I have noticed on the Dashica plates I don't need as much polish on the image, if I do too much it smudges when I stamp it on my nail. That's a good sign tho, my polishes will last longer (always a bonus, more money on new nail stuff.)

And I went over to 7 eleven to get a snack and the girl there really loved my nails, YAY!!!

Hope you ladies have a great weekend.
Happy stamping.


  1. Ooh I love it!!! I need to get that plate!!

    As for lottery we drive up to Idaho. Its like 40-45 minutes from us..we're in Ogden tho so that helps! But we still didn't win dammit!!

    Thx for your email back about the dashica plates the other day. You were amazingly helpful!! So I thank you