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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday....... Blargh.

This Sunday started well enough with happy smiling kids, and a nice home made brunch. Until I was going to get the slow cooker ready and dropped the ceramic pot for it and it broke in 100 pieces. So after a few non lady like words and curses and massive clean up I had to figure out an other way to do dinner today. I was lucky that my slow cooker isn't one of those that cost an arm and a leg. But it ruined the happy spirit I had for today,hoping I get a few hugs and kisses from the kids to cheer me up again.

Then last night I was doing my Sunday challenge, so had to be a no stamping nail look. Since it's April 1 st. So I decided to try out the water decals I got from Shirley as a gift from my order a few months ago. And after watching some youtube videos on how to apply water decals. I found out that it looks way easier on youtube than it is in real life. Messed up a couple of my nails so had to cover them up with polish.... So used Ebony Hates Chris with SF in it. I think I need to get more water decals and practice a bit more.

Have a great week.

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