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Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25 2012 Challenge Black & White.

This week's Sunday challenge in the Facebook group Adventures In Stamping was black and white.

I decided to add some SpectraFlair to Wet N Wild's Ebony Hates Chris, and use that as my base color and stamp with Konad Special polish in Black and White, and my current favorite image plate brand Dashica XXL Big SdP 1, SdP 32, 35 and 47.

Right hand: SdP 47 for the background SdP 35 Hello Kitty

 Left Hand: SdP 32 starry background and XXL Big SdP1 and Playboy bunny.

Ebony Hates Chris that I mixed a pinch of SpectraFlair.


  1. Oh I have to get that grade spectrafalir! I have an extra bottle of Ebony Hates Chris. I am totally doing this!

  2. I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the spectraflair! I just mixed it with the same polish as you and nothing! I'm afraid to use more because I was told that the problems I am having is because I'm using too much. Ugh!

  3. Angela, what grade do you have?
    I added a pinch of SF to my bottle, at the beginning it wouldn't mix well. Think it was because this polish is pretty thick to start, and even tho you're just adding a pinch of SF it thickens it. So I added 6 mixing balls in the bottle and it started to blend. Also, because of the thickness of the polish the SF doesn't separate from the polish like it did in my top coat.