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Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a weekend...

The weekend started out ok and was fine at the beginning. Yesterday we had a nice late lunch with an omelette and chilli cheese fries. Then followed with a short car ride and a trip to the park, it was mild overcast but kids had fun. Running around playing tag, and little pumpkin couldn't stop walking on the grass. She fell over a lot, like every few steps. But still no tears and kept walking and walking and walking. When it was time to go home her cheeks was all rosy and her eyes lids heavy, so we got home and she got a few sips of her apple juice before the eyelids won the battle and she was ZZZZZzzzz sitting up holding her sippy cup. Then it was time for mommy to make dinner. I had decided on doing chicken breast with pineapple, red bell pepper, onion in some Yoshida sauce and rice. So I did what I normally do seasoned it with a small dash of black pepper and some salt. And time for dinner. We didn't know how the heck it happened but it was really spicy, so we had to do a frozen pizza for the kids. Then husband looked up bell peppers online, and this was news to me. But sometimes you can get a spicy bell pepper.

But with kids being worn out I could focus on  this Sunday's stamping challenge Black and White. And daddy and mommy could relax and play FFXI with some friends before we crashed for the night.

 This green thing safe???

 Stop taking my picture and get me out of here.

Being silly inn the park.

And we walked and walked and walked.

And we fell over so many times.

Then early Sunday morning his grandmother woke up with bad pains and was sick. She has heart problems but has been so dam stubborn before and not wanted to see a doctor or go to the hospital. But she thought it may be a kidney stone and there is no home remedy for that. So she had to bite the sour apple and let my husband take her to the hospital. She lives with us because she can't live alone, and she has heart problems and diabetes. Still she is stubborn as a bat and has a diet that is crazy, a few bowls of ice cream a day, a couple of glasses of cokes and bunch of sweets. I don't know what it is with that family of my husband's, they all have diabetes and a mega sweet tooth. My husband how ever has cut down like crazy on his sugar intake since he got back from the hospital a couple of months ago. We even tried to just buy in Coke Zero and the old lady flipped big time. Not easy to learn an old dog new tricks. So here I am at home worrying hoping she'll be fine and come back in a few hours. Glad that little pumpkin is awake and keeping mommy busy and with company.

Hope you ladies had a better weekend than me.

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