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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Nail stamping group on Facebook

I just wanted to tell you about this awesome group on Facebook. I have been a member for a few weeks now and I just love it, I have to check in several times a day. If you're like me all crazy about nail stamping, you should check it out. We are a growing group of girls from all over the world who share the passion of nail stamping. Each Sunday there's a stamping challenge that we vote for in the beginning of the week, and when Sunday comes around we post our Sunday challenge photo. And no it's not to see who's better than others, it's nothing like that. We all have fun with it. Members also post questions and tips about stamping, we love helping each other, admire each others nail art or just get inspiration.  And no it's not just Konad stampers, it's any brand (Bundle Monster, Cheeky, Red Angel and so on. It doesn't matter if you're new to nail stamping or a hard core veteran, anyone who loves nail stamping can join us.
And we don't only talk about nail stamps, we do talk about other nail topics too (nail polish, nail care & nail art).
If you're looking for a special type of plate or want to try a brand other than Konad or Bundle Monster you can get tips on what type of plate to get and where to get them. Like I said we love to help each other out, we  share the same passion so why wouldn't we....??? A bunch of us have blogs so we support each other on the blogs too. So if you have Facebook and love nail stamping, come and check us out.


Oh, and here are a couple of  mani's I had during the weekend. Have a great week!!

My failed entry for this Sunday. Can hardly see it.

It didn't want to show on the photo's that well, tried so many different type of light setting too.
 Was really nice off camera tho.

So I changed it to something I could see and would show up better.
Couldn't count in the challenge tho.

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