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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Drive-In Theater & monkey kids......

Yesterday hubby and I really wanted to see the Avengers, him more than me......He has been talking bout this movie for a while now. But I wanted to see it too, I don't read spoilers like he does tho. Anyways we don't really have anyone to help us babysit so our only choice was the Drive-In theater. So mommy's battle plan was packing the kids, blankets, toys, snacks, drinks big pillows, gameboy, leap pad etc.... When I was done packing all the stuff, I swear it felt like we were going camping for a weekend.....
Our showing started at 9.30 pm 2 movies on one ticket, and was Avengers x 2. We missed the first minutes of the movie, so many people wanting to see it too. And even tho they were showing it on two screens the 2 parking lots for Avengers were pretty full. So finally settled at out parking spot, fixed the backseat so the kids could roam freely in the back with their toys and play. Then Grace decided to be a monkey so she was climbing back and forth, to mommy to daddy and all over, trying to push buttons, honk the horn.... Monkey number two however just wanted to see Captain America so when he wasn't on the screen he kept asking where he was. We know what costume we have to hunt down this year for Halloween, LOL. Needless to say we missed parts of the movie. So we decided to stay and watch the part we had missed in the beginning of the movie on the second showing.  By that time little monkey girl was getting over tired and CRANKY, and made sure to let mommy and daddy know how cranky she was. But while we were catching up with the parts we missed she crashed on top mommy so we stayed for the whole 2 nd showing. And we were happy we did, since we missed quite a bit of the key elements of the movie the first time.  On the drive back home we agreed to wait a few months before we hit the Drive-In again with our monkeys.

So what did I think of the movie??? I enjoyed it as much as hubby. It was funny and packed with action, and it will have to be an add to our DVD collection later. The funniest scene Loki and Hulk. Would have loved to see it in the theater instead tho. But loved the whole cast, they were all perfect for their characters, and it's a movie for boys and girls of all ages.

Have a great week.

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