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Friday, May 11, 2012

Holy Holo!!

I know I have been going on about SpectraFlair before, but today I wanted to try something. I did 2 coats of Pure Ice Outrageous as base color and thought; What if I apply some of my SF topcoat..... Will it work??
So I did 2 coats and all I can says is HOLY HOLO!!!
The holo effect is AMAZING, mega flashback to China Glaze OMG collection ( I had a few of those polishes, and loved them). And all of the pictures I have seen of the holo's from Nfu Oh, that I was never able to get my hands on. For those of you who doesn't know, Pure Ice you can get from Walmart. Outrageous is a pink foil polish that is amazing to stamp with. And now I will so use it as base under SF, so if Outrageous works I bet Pussy Cat and Silver Mercedes will too. OMG.....!!!!! I wonder if Silver Mercedes will be like OMG......... I SO have to try that out. But here is the picture of Outrageous and SF. Enjoy, I am. I'm just bummed sun is going down......

Have a smashing weekend. And to all of my American followers, have a great Mother's Day if you're a mom or have an amazing day with your mommy if you're just a daughter.

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