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Friday, May 18, 2012

The New Image Plate Set From Mash.

Yes, my dear followers an other set is out to threaten the well being of your credit cards..... LOL! This time it's from Mash. It's their second set to be released and it's a set of 25 plates from 26-50.
You can find them for sale here: 

MASH Nails Image Plates 26-50

Only bad thing about taking a look at them on their site is that you can't enlarge the pictures to get a closer look at the image plates...... Buuuuhuuuuu.

Some nail stamping bloggers got to test out these plates and review them and a few are also members of Adventures In Stamping. One of them is Carolina of: http://www.coloresdecarol.com/2012/05/mash-nails-image-plates-review.html She is super sweet and her nail art is always really well done. Her blog is amazing and I have been a follower of her blog since before I joined AIS so check it out. Anyways she has posted her review of this set and it has CLOSE-UP of all the plates, so you can pop in and take a closer look. She also did stamping test of a lot of the images on a piece of paper, and it's clearly they are good plates since all of her test images came out great.

So here are my thoughts of what I have seen of the plates and after reading Carolina's post about them. I must say this is the set I am least WOW'd over. None of the images had that effect on me, don't get me wrong there are cute images there. But compared to the preview we got from Bundle Monster, Cheeky, Dashica and the DRK-B plate it will be the last set I get of these new plates that are being released this summer. Not to mention if you're new to stamping and want a good value for your money $12.99 for 25 plates is an amazing way to get you starting on nail stamping. I just hope that all of the sets will be as good as the one Carolina got. And Carolina also told me that the full nail images on these plates are bigger than Konad's. She said she didn't have to stamp the image twice on her nails to cover them, and that has been a problem with the images on Konad plates for people with long nails or wide nails.

Anyways, I will get these plates at some point. I'm just not rushing over to get the credit card to order them. There are plates and sets I want to get first before getting these. 

Thank you so much, Carolina for letting me link your review on this set on my little blog.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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