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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giveaway for foodies.

A few months ago hubby and I went to Costco and there was a stand there for dumplings and potstickers. It was a brand we had never heard of before Green Chopsticks, so we picked up the samples and what can I say..... It was love at first bite. Before we only got the Ling Ling pot stickers and they were ok. But these tasted like homemade dumplings and potstickers, so we had to pick up 2 bags. The friendly guys at the stand told us they were there for a limited time and that it was only a once a year thing. Well, the two bags didn't last more than a couple of days, since we all loved them. So I was happy to see that they were going to be at an other Costco location so I told my hubby to go there after work and grab some more bags. But those 4 bags didn't last long..... What can I say??? They're so yummy, you can't stop eating them. Even granny in-law who can be very picky pn food just loved them.

Since then I have had a craving for these babies, and I can't get them...... I know Green Chopsticks are trying to get different stores to sell them permanently, and I am hoping and praying that they will get them into a Salt Lake location. They have 2 kinds of potstickers and dumplings of pork and chicken, and they're more like the Korean type of dumplings. And they are packed with flavor, you can taste the fillings. I kinda imagine it would be what homemade dumplings would taste like. So if you happen to see big bags of dumplings from Green Chopsticks at Costco, Sam's Club or Kroger pick some up. Get a good soy sauce or dumpling dipping sauce and take a bite.

I was happy to see on their facebook page that you can win a big goodie bag of their dumplings and potstickers along with some yummy beef Bulgogi. Bulgogi and chicken Bulgogi, one of the most known meat dishes from Korea and it's so yummy. I love Bulgogi and Galbi and of course Kimchi and served with some of these dumplings is my dream meal.

And you can win all this at http://www.pinkdandychatter.com/2012/05/review-giveaway-potstickers-chicken-beef-bulgogi-by-green-chopsticks.html. She has a review of Green Chopsticks products and like me she loved the dumplings. Just looking at the pictures made the cravings for these dumplings hit me with full force. So if you're like me who love food and want to try these or are like me can't get them in your area, then enter this giveaway.

Also follow Green Chopsticks on Facebook and Twitter, they'll put up location and dates you can find their stand at.



Good luck to all of you who decide to enter.

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