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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update on new set from Bundle Monster.

There was some issues with the first  production sample of the new image plate set from BM. So release date is pushed back to end of May or start of June. So cross your fingers that the 2 nd sample set is ok, so new release date won't be pushed back.
But until then here are the pre-views of the plates they have shown us so far. So until then join me and let us all stare and drool at these previews from BM. I can't wait, I want these now......

The bumble bee is cute, and the key is cool. But the rest, didn't wow me like the other plates.

Easter & Christmas



I just love this one.

Butterflies are cute, so is the cupcake and handbags. But are those baby bottles???

A plate for a foodie like me.

Oh, my love the flipflops.

So nice.

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