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Thursday, May 3, 2012

More image plates news.

I have shown you the previews of the new plates from Dashica Beauty shop and Bundle Monster's new image plate set. You ready for more??? Cheeky is also releasing a new set and it will be out by t he end of May or beginning of June. The first preview is perfect for us girls who love shopping, it's super cute. I will keep this post updated and add the previews as Cheeky releases them.
But anyways, don't want to keep you ladies waiting any longer...... LOL.

The pumps, and the credit cards. LOVE this plate.

A plate for all sports fans.

This plate make me want to go back to Vegas and have a blast.
Or even the Indian casinos in CA.

Oh, wow I LOVE this one. It's perfect for us nail art junkies.

The perfect plate for all junk food lovers.
Oh, pretty flowers. I like this one.

This plate is cute too. Look at the UFOs.

This is a cute plate. But are those dust bunnies?

Arrgh!  Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.

This one is amazing. For us older ladies who grew up with boom boxes.

I think this is the set I am most exited about to get my hands on. There hasn't been a plate yet I don't like any of the images. I want this set right now, and I want to go all crazy. I just hope they stamp really well.

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