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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wet N Wild Swatches.

I'm not a polish brand snob, I love going to Walmart, Target and drugstores to hunt for polishes. You never know what you'll treasures you can find for cheap. Yes, I have some brand polishes too. But it just makes me feel good when I see a pretty drugstore polish that look as amazing as any high end name brands. I found 4 Wet N Wild at Target that I just had to pick up, 3 from the Fastdry Collection and one from Megalast Collection. 2 of them are scattered holographic polishes and one duo chrome. The two holo's reminded me of the Nubar holo's I have. Guess you can call Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire a dupe to Nubar's Absolute. The only thing I didn't like with these two that they didn't have a glossy and shiny finish to them. Still even with 2 coats they show the holo effect better than my 3 holo's from Nubar. But I did swatches on a wheel and did 3 coats, and did each color twice and applied a coat of my SpectraFlair topcoat on every left swatch of each pair. The worst part was to go outside and get a few good pictures in the sunlight, I think I deleted over 30 pictures.
I tried my best to get the duo chrome effect from Gray's Anatomy, and I just couldn't get a good picture. But   it's a grey base with pink and green duo chrome effect to it. I also did a swatch of this polish over black, after Meg from one of my nail groups on FB told me she had seen it online. And holy polish, it changed to a purple duo chrome. Thanks, Meg for this tip.

 Left to Right: Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, Hannah Pinktana, Gray's Anatomy & On A Trip/En Voyage
So the left of each pair is the one with 2 coats of SpectraFlair  topcoat.

Gray's Anatomy on it's own.

Gray's Anatomy over black.

 I hope you can see the difference between the swatches of the pink and blue one with and without the SF.

Not easy to take pictures of polishes like that when the reflects from the swatches knocks 
your camera off focus.

Ok,  to go off topic from polishes and swatches. The other day hubby stopped at Arby's and got us a Jamocha shake each. Little Grace was staring at mine, so I let her bite the straw. Thinking she wouldn't be able to suck the straw and get the shake, since she's so tiny..... After a few minutes she proved her mommy wrong, she managed to suck a slurp and the look on her face..... And of course she tried again and got the look of OMG, I won the Jackpot. Needless to say, I wasn't able to get my shake back, she was glued to the straw for over 10 minutes. Then she went out to granny in-law and stole a few sips of her strawberry shake, and claimed the whipped cream topping. 

Nom, nom...


Don't you dare pull it away.....

Have a great week!!!

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  1. She's too cute!
    I love cheap polish as well.Most of the time they are great dupes for the high end stuff.