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Monday, July 16, 2012

Dashica Big SdP R, S & T

Dashica is also releasing 3 more of the plates in the Big SdP series. I don't own any of these yet, but I plan to add some to my collection next time I order from  http://www.dashicabeautyshop.nl/.
They're here!!! All of the plates have been added to the site: XL SdP 81-100, Big SdP R, S, T and XXL Big SdP 2.

There's a few ladies in Adventures In Stamping who own some and they love theirs and have nothing but good things to say about them. The full nail images are bigger than the Konad ones. More details on where to buy these plates and what I think of Dashica plates read the previous post I did: 

Here are the images of the designs that are on the 3 new Big SdP plates, enjoy!!!

The images that I love on this one is.... ALL OF THEM..... LOL

Oooh, Hello Kitty!!! Is there really an other reason why not to get this plate? NO!

The cupcakes instead of skulls, LOL. To put on your nails when you lost the battle to diet??

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