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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Precious Stones Challenge

The challenge this Sunday in AIS is precious stones, so precious stone colors,  images and so on. I decided to use one of my Nubar polishes from the gem collection Amethyst as base color and use Pure Ice Silver Mercedes to stamp with. I used 2 images from Dashica XXL Big SdP 1, one for each hand.... Yup, I know my hands don't match. Bit just so you know I am not the only one who does this. Several of the ladies in each of my nail groups on FB do it too.

Just not liking the fact that the pictures don't show the real color that well. I hate it when that happens, don't you??? I had to double check after I saw the top picture if I had grabbed Sapphire instead, but no it said Amethyst on the bottom. So so much for showing the stunning Amethyst color on my nails.......
/frown face

Hearts and zippers.

My nails and my Skin 79 BB cream. Love BB creams.

On other note, yesterday was my son's 6 year old birthday. Was nice and relaxed, he got Hot wheels and a bubble machine & money from my folks back home. Then of course pizza, chips, lollipops. No point in trying cake or ice cream on him, he runs away from it NOOOO!! Yeah, you read it right I have a kid that runs away from cakes, cookies and ice cream and most sweets. Tho he is a huge chip monster. Then his little  sister tried to take his Hot wheels, but he was nice and gave her one to hold on to. Talking about that little lady, she is starting a new fashion trend Layering. Yesterday I put on her Hello Kitty t-shirt and a skirt, then she wanted a dress on top of that and then one of her brother's t-shirts with Nintendo characters on it. Needless to say that was a bit too big so it looked like  green dress on her, then her white sandals.  She was very happy with her look.

Have a great week!!

<3 <3

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