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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hope you all have an amazing & safe Independence Day..

So are all my American readers getting ready for tomorrow? We just have a few more things we have to hit the store for tomorrow's menu. I  am going to make a feast with out care pack from Omaha Steaks, then take it easy and watch fireworks around our home. Will just be us and grandma and a bunch of food.

I have had a few 4 th of July celebrations over here, and my least favorite was Arizona. Was way too hot, to be outside. My favorite one was when hubby and I drove up from AZ to St. George UT with a big ice chest filled with homemade burgers, hotdogs to see his best friends Seth and his family. I had some Norwegian candies for his kids, and Seth and Kev went nuts getting fireworks. We had an amazing day with them.
An other one was when we lived in Long Beach and we walked down to the beach and it was crowded with  happy people, and we had the perfect view of the fireworks. Fireworks, beach and the ocean can you really beat that??

Anyways, I did my nails and they are ready for tomorrow. I used 2 colors from Nubar Ruby and Sapphire, then I was bummed that I didn't have an image plate with a full image with simple stripes. So I went digging for my white Striper polish, and it was all dried out. I don't know what it is up here in UT. But I have noticed that polishes dries out after a few months. Makes it hard to make a collection of polishes here, even the ones I got 2-3 months have gotten thicker. I have a polish thinner, but it's getting low. Anyone else have this problem??
But back to my 4 th July mani, only image I found that had stars and some stripes was this angled French image on my Dashica XXL Big SdP1. So I decided to use that with Konad White. Granny likes my nails and so does little Grace. She pulls on my hand and fingers to get a closer look at my nails and then she pulls on my nails like she's trying to pull them off...... 
She is saying a few words these days she says shoo and bubb bubb a lot, can you guess what the words are? Shoe and bubbles, she is all crazy about shoes. She loves walking around in her pink shoes or her sandals all day long. And of course bubbles she loves them so much she starts shaking, waving her arms and making happy sounds WEEEEEEEE. Hubby and I call her our little vibrating baby, it's really funny. I have to see if I can get it on camera.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow with your loved ones. And be safe, and check the regulations in your area on fireworks. Don't drink too much and if you have kids, remember seeing their mommy or daddy too drunk will scare them. Not saying don't drink at all, don't let it go too far and out of control.  Remember it's a fun day for everyone of all ages.

Happy Independence Day.

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