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Monday, July 2, 2012

Something scary & not much sleep.

Last weekend something scary happened, it was early morning around 4 am. Hubby couldn't sleep so he was on his laptop reading news and stuff. When he heard a sound right outside the window, he pulls the blinds aside and right outside was a man shocked that someone was still awake staring out at him. So hubby rushed to get dressed and ran out. But the man was gone, he called 911 and looked around the building but didn't see the man. Police came and did a couple of rounds around the area but didn't see anyone.
Since then I haven't been able to go to sleep until right before hubby's alarm goes off in the morning for him to get up for work. And needless to say kids wake up a few hrs after that, so haven't had much sleep the last week. Been a month since Rikku died, but I have really missed having her around. She wasn't much of a guard dog, but she had a really good bark and made me feel safe. She would have jumped up on the bed, looked out the window and barked like crazy. Hubby says I am over reacting, that the guy won't try and come back here again for what ever he was after. But I can't help it tho, freaks me out just writing about it now. I can't even focus on picking out a polish for my nails or decide to do some nail art or not. I hope I ca get over this and start feeling safe in our own home again.

Have any of you had something similar happen to you or know about someone? How long did it take for you/them to get past it and back to normal?

So here I am again, awake not able to sleep and listening to sounds outside.
Trying to figure out what the heck to do on my nails....... I think I have tried 4 polishes and removed it right away. About to throw in the towel and watch something crappy on TV for a while until I feel safe enough to go to sleep.

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. I had some moron, a 22 year old man come to my door instead of my neighbors door with a gun!!!I was lying on my couch when someone was trying to open my back door,we have my back door all covered up so I went over assuming it was a kid or something but it was this man yelling for me to get (my neighbor) outside.. I said that that person lives next door and I waited till he ran away to get in a car, then he came back later to get the right unit.. I was so angry and scared that I really considered moving.. I had always locked my doors and hubby made fun of me but that was a perfect example that some people don't knock, they just come in.I totally get your fear.. I would just continue to lock my doors and keep your phone handy to help ease your fears.I had my phone in my hand or within reaching distance for months.. It does get better...

  2. I had something similar happen about a year ago. It's very scary, but I think with time and proper diligence (locking doors and windows/using peepholes) the fear does go away.
    Sending hugs from NY

  3. Thank you so much to the both of you for your comments. Good to know that I'm not the only one reacting this way when something like this happens. Phone is right next to me and I know I check the front door already, but I still go back and check it a few more times. I do hope that this unsafe feeling goes away soon. But thanks again, your comments helped.