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Monday, August 20, 2012

More Dashica news.

Again, most of you know how much I love my Dashica plates and that I can't stop using them. For a little while now I have know Shirley from Dashica is releasing new plates, 2 new Big SdP plates and a set of 20 plaates (yes, you read it right, your eyes aren't playing a trick on you.).
Last week Shirley released the preview picture of the set, it's called Dash. And the set comes with that cute pink case that is shown on the picture. Each set Shirley will release in the future will be in a different color. These plates are smaller than the XL SdP plates. I haven't seen them other than on this preview but it looks like you get 5-16 images on a plate. Konad, Bundle Monster, Red Angel, Mash, Cheeky give you 5-7 on a plate. But love the unique images on this set, there's something for everyone. The set will cost 45 Euros (55.50$ US) or 2.99 Euros (3.70 $ US) each plate.

The new Big SdP plates will be Big SdP U & V, and today Shirley showed us a picture of her nails using images from Big SdP V with preview of 7 images from that plate.When I saw this my jaw dropped, so stunning. I have to add this plate to my collection at some point. The Big SdP plates are 15.99 Euros (19.70 $ US).

For this nail look Shirley used:
*Acrylic nail paint - Neon colors
*INM - Northem Lights Gold
*Dashica stamping polish - Black
* Plate - Big SdP V
*Topcoat - Dashica Topcoat High Shine

I love the fact she made more than one butterfly wing image, and that she did images from different sections of a butterfly wing. I can't wait to see more images from these new plates.

Here's an other one she did from Big SdP U. 

For this one she used:

*Acrylic nail paint - Neon colors
*INM - Northem Lights Gold
*Dashica stamping polish - Black
* Plate - Big SdP U
*Topcoat - Dashica Topcoat High Shine

If you want to look at her webshop here's the link:


She's based in Netherlands but ships worldwide, you just have to send her an email/message with youur order. Shirley is very sweet and will answer emails in 1-2 days. Please remember that English isn't her first language, and she translates to English word for word in a sentence from Dutch.

If you have any questions about ordering from Dashica please comment down below and I will answer.

Thank you, Shirley for letting me share your pictures.

Have a great week.

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