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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nail Mail

I have been floating on cloud 15 since noon today. Mail man knocked on our door holding a BIG package, I   have been waiting for this one. I was so happy I almost jumped on him to give him a hug, but he saw I was super happy so he laughed. Was kinda funny tho since this morning I checked the tracking number and it said it was still on it's way out of customs. Most of this I paid for my self, but there was a few surprises inside. Needless to say I have been going around with a BIG smile on my face.

So what was inside? 

Shirley sent me a birthday gift. such a cute packaging. So sweet of her. TY, Shirley. So sweet of you to think of little me.
Was also a gift for my hubby, a cologne but it's in the bedroom on his night stand.

All the stamping related items + base coat, ridge filler, matte topcoat and yellow stamping polish (these 4 plus the stamper with blue silicone was in the yellow gift box/bag.)

The Betty Boop and 2 of the stickers, necklace & earrings and rhinestones was in the gift. The palette was an extra something. So funny tho, because I just thought I have to go to the craft store to get one to have ready for my acrylic paints.

I have spent time unwrapping all of the polishes and pulling off the plastic covers of every plate. Lost count on how many times I have said OMG! today. Since I got my first Dashica plates earlier this year I have just loved these plates. These are the first of the Big plates and of course the Dash set I own, and I can't wait to try them out. The dash set is so cute in their little case, and the plates them selves are small and cute. The image size are the same as the other SdP plates. I have been wanting to try out the stamping polishes so I included some in this order. I suspect the next post will be mostly about items from this order. I know the next couple will be just showing the plates. So hope you won't mind.

Again, thank you so much Shirley for the gifts. Warmed my heart. Really sweet of you!

Now I am going to upload the first pictures of some of the plates before I have to start dinner.
Thanks for checking in.

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