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Friday, September 21, 2012

Review of Dashica Big SdP V.

Here is my review of the Dashica Big SdP V plate. These are my first XL plate of any kind.
The V plate is brand new from Dashica and it has some amazing images on it. So is this plate as good to stamp with as the normal SdP plates or the XXL SdP 1 plate??
First of the images on this plate is longer than the ones on the other Big plates. Shirley was asked by a few of her clients if she could design images that were longer, for those with longer nails. And she followed through, she made the V plate, and the images are really amazing looking.

First the pictures comparing the size of an image from this plate to a full nail image on a Konad plate. I picked Konad since that is most known and owned by many. I have said before that Konad isn't my favorite brand anymore, they still have the one tiny size on their images. And I hate double stamping, so I hardly use them anymore. My nails aren't that long, but I still have to double stamp on full nail images on Konad and Bundle Monster plates. I have to say when I place a Konad next to one of my Dashica plates I always get shocked of how small they are. And you can imagine how shocked I was when I saw it next to this V plate that has extra long images on it.

The V plate and Konad plate.

The Konad image look like a baby image next to the Dashica image...... LOL

See the difference???

 Again, Konad image looks TINY.

So I made this video of me testing this plate, I picked 10 random images. After I scraped and used my XL stamper I couldn't get the full image on the stamper, yes they're that long. I got all 10 images placed on my nails, no partial images because of it didn't get onto my stamper. You see most of the details on the image, it can be hard to see the really small and fine ones unless you get really really close and in good light. But I get that with all of my other plates too.

My youtube video testing the plate.

Close up of left hand.

Right hand.

I am really happy with how this stamping test turned out. I've wanted to try the Dashica Big plates for a while now. Thank you, Shirley for giving me this plate as a birthday gift. It was really sweet of you to think of me.

If you want to buy Dashica plates, you can buy them at the link below:

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  1. I really like that the images are longer this plate would be perfect for me :)

  2. Wow! I am very impressed with this plate! It stamps like a champ! Great review!!! Thanks for sharing it! :D