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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dashica Big SdP U Review.

Today I tested out the Dashica Big SdP U plate, the second brand new plate from Dashica.
I was exited to try this plate too, this plate has some images that are wider than the normal full nail images on Dashica. Wait, wider than any image out there. So if you have wider nail beds or want to do stamping on your toes you can fit one of these images on your big toe nail. Or if you want to split the images onto two nails you can do that too.
First of I'll show you the size of the wider image next to an image on a Konad plate, and then next to a normal full nail Dashica image. I have to apologize for some of the pictures and the video, I had a hard time getting the right light to take pictures and make the video today.

Top: Konad full nail image
Bottom: One of the wider Big SdP U images

Top: Normal sized Dashica image 
Bottom: An other Big SdP U image

Top: Konad
Middle:Normal Dashica image
Bottom: Big SdP U image.

Now onto the testing the plate. Again the light was a problem for me today, there for the video isn't as good as the one I did for the Big SdP V plate. I had a hard time just using the screen on my camera to aim the images onto my nail, so I stamp a lot out of camera view. Also even tho I had turned of the A/C so it would blow cool air to my nail working are (dining table) and dry out the polish to quick, I still had a few times it dried on me. Was a hot day here today...  Hopefully I will have better luck with the light issue on my next video. 


Here's a couple of pictures of the stamped nails.

Left hand.

Right hand.

So what do I think of this plate?
I love it, all the images stamped really well. And you can see all the detail of each image on my nails. I really like that you can split one of these wider images on two nails, or just use different parts of the image on your nails. The Big SdP V & U have the same amazing stamping quality as the normal SdP plates or XXL SdP 1 plate. And they have full nail images and angled French tip images, and a few images on each plate are mirrored so you can use the images on both hands. That was something I always hated with Konad and Bundle Monster that they never had any of their images mirrored, so if you used the image on both hands it just looked so odd.....


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