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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Nov. 18th Challenge.

Let's just say the last half of this week hasn't been good, we got hit with colds and stomach flu. Little G had her first stomach flu, and let me just say she was a handful. Instead of standing still when she was sick and freaking out she would run around and go EEEEEEEEEHEEEH..... Thank goodness for Bissel spot cleaner, that thing has been my best friend for 2 days..... I got a cold and a sore throat, and yesterday I got stomach flu too. The joy of winter months...... HELL NO....

Anyways now on to this weeks challenge in AIS: Some aspect of matte in your mani.
I didn't want to do a black base, because it stains my nails and cuticles like crazy......  So I decided to go with red. I also thought this would give me a chance to test my 3 matte topcoats, so I pulled out one of my nail wheels and painted 4 black swatches with WnW Black Creme. I did 4 so 1 was with normal topcoat (Out The Door) so you could see the difference. I have 3 matte topcoats one is from NYC Matte Me Crazy, Dashica Matte Topcoat & Hard Candy Matte-Ly In Love.

LtR: Out The Door, NYC, Dashica & Hard Candy.

I have to say I like the Hard Candy one the best, it dries faster and shows up a bit more matte than the NYC one. I got mine from Walmart, can't remember the price tho.....

Now onto the challenge again...........
As I said I didn't want to do a black base, so I went with red ORLY Grave Mostake. Then I did 2 coats of the Hard Candy matte TC and pulled out one of my Dashica plates  ( I know, I know... I use them A LOT.) SdP 80 and Maybelline Bold Gold for the stamping part. And I finished the look with some yellow rhinestones.

Mango Mend <3 div="div" stuff.....="stuff....." this="this">

Now, off to try and eat some Saltines to settle my poor stomach and try and get some sleep.
Thanks for checking in.

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