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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A very mini haul.

I jumped on the promo Zoya did on FB. So got 3 Zoya polishes for free only paid for the shipping & handling. And that was just $10.00 so good deal.

I don't have that many Zoya polishes in my collection. But anyways, I picked 2 cream polishes and 1 tanned polish with some gold it. Can't really see the gold in pictures. And the mint green looks more blue in this picture.......... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

L2R: Dulcinea, Bevin & Piper.

Other than that it's really cold here in Salt Lake City and I have a cold......... The joy of winter.......
My grandmother in-law turned 90 years old, so I baked her favorite cookies and got some flowers and her favorite candies. She had a great birthday, she went out to lunch with her nieces and nephews and came home to dinner and freshly baked cookies. And she got a few big birthday hugs from the kids.
So now time to relax and think of what to do on my nails tomorrow.
Think it's time for hot chocolate before bed......

Thanks for checking my little blog.

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