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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stamping Test: Shany XXL 02 Plate.

I wanted to do a stamping test video of this plate.... But my camera wouldn't focus for me when I tried shooting the video, and the lighting looked really bad. So I had to just give up and take pictures of the "testing stones" and make a slideshow. But I guess it's better than nothing, right?
This plate is one of Shany's XXL plates (think they have 4 XXL plates), and right now they cost $10.00
When I got this plate I was shocked how big a lot of these images are. And when I say big, like they'll only fit on my thumb nail, so not too fond of that. I think that is the only bad thing about this plate the big difference in the sizes of these images.
I just used a basic SH white as base on my "practice stones" and used WnW Black Creme to stamp with.
And all the images I tried stamped really well, so is it a good buy for $ 10.00? If you don't mind that you'll get a lot of big images and like charcaters like Smurfs, Angry birds, Hello Kitty, and that other anime cat that I can't remember the name of..... And a bunch of other animals, Japanese words, lips, etc Yeah, I would say this plate is a great buy.

As some of you may know I also ordered the 2013 set, but I got the wrong set. I contacted Shany's customer service and got a confirmation email about my claim. And they got it wrong again, so I sent a reply by email and got a reply back that they would send the correct set ASAP and I could keep the set they sent by mistake. Yes, it was clearly that the lady I spoke to on the phone had problems understanding, but it got sorted out. So I am pleased by their customer service. 

If you're looking for affordable image plates and other nail art items you should check them out.
Here is the link to their nail art page:


Have a great day! And thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.


Dragon on my thumb

Asian girl & Eagle



Flower & Dove

Angry Bird


Eiffel Tower

Skull & flowers (tiny compared to a lot of the images)

Love this one (Big image)

This one is tiny.

The image was Hello My Dear, only Hello Dear got on my stone.

No idea what this word means, but the lips look great.

This sad little thing is so cute.

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