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Friday, February 15, 2013

Yay, Friday is here.

This morning I decided to paint my nails, so pulled out the FP polish I got in Feb. nail bag from NAS Romanticism Ruby and used one of my Shany plates and Konad stamping polish in white.
Then it was off to pick up my Dyson that had been repaired and off to the biggest Asian market in SLC.
I walked out from the Asian market with 5 bags, and in one of them to my hubby's horror 2 jars of Kimchi one normal napa one and one radish. Also stocked up on some yummy Korean ramen noodles, 2 bags of frozen rice cakes, pork and veggie dumplings, Kalbi marinade, sesame seeds, Enoki mushrooms and some meats. But I forgot to get the hot pepper paste, oh well. Next time.......

But here are my nails, to my horror the NYC Grand Central Station  topcoat shrinks this polish,.....
It was a stunning sunny day in SLC today so the glitter effect in this polish was just stunning. So silly I forgot my camera so I couldn't snap a picture in the sun.

Have a great weekend!!!

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