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Monday, February 18, 2013

The joy of stamping, Korean noodles and Korean TV dramas.

After the kids had their breakfast and was playing nicely with their stuff I thought it was a good time to do my nails. A few weeks ago I won 3 Julep polishes so I decided to try one out, I picked Grace since it's also my daughter's name. Then I pulled out one of my Dashica Dash 15 plates and Konad white and m19 for French tip for my left hand. On the right I used Grace as base again, but used Maybelline's  Amethyst Ablaze  for stamping. Then I just used some nail stickers to add as finishing touch for my mani and some rhinestones.

Then it was lunch time and to warm me up since it's so cold outside I did some Korean noodles, and a few rice cakes and some dumplings. And of course some Kimchi on the side, both the normal napa cabbage kind and radish. And there's no doubt little Grace is half Asian, she loves noodles and rice. But turn her head to potatoes.......

And while I was slurping my noodles I decided to watch some Korean drama on hulu. Right now I am watching Kimchi family. And they have managed to make Kimchi making look like an art, I just wish I could jump into the screen and taste all those yummy foods they show. Also I haven't had much Korean food since I was adopted years ago, so when I tasted the rice cakes the other day I guess it triggered something. The taste and the soft chewyness was so familiar, I must have eaten rice cakes when I was a toddler.

Right hand.

Left hand

You like my owl nail file??

Korean noodles, rice cakes and dumplings  topped with radish kimchi.

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