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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Light It Up Blue For World Autism Awareness Day April 2nd.

Time to show some awareness on my blog again. This is for a cause that is very personal to me, since my son who turns 7 this year got diagnosed with Autism last year. Wasn't easy , we had so many questions and worries. But thanks to my mother who used to work with kids with special needs had a lot of advice, plus I got very close to an other blogger and nail art lover Pamela who has a son with autism too. I got to bomb her with so many questions, she helped me a lot. So big hug and love to Pamela and her boy, thanks for being my dear friend.
My boy has changed a lot since he started school last year. He talks more, shows affection now and then, he can play with his best friend Alexis at school or he plays tag with his little sister Grace. I even heard him sing a song for her the other day, that just warmed my heart. It is still hard to keep a conversation going, we're working on that with his teacher and the rest of the support staff at his school they have been amazing these months.

Here's my Light It Up Blue manicure in honor of Pamela's boy and my son.
Hope you like it.

I did a coat of my SpectraFlair topcoat after I was done blogging and editing.


If you want some info about autism here's a link to a great site:

Thanks for stopping by.

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