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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Orange butterfly

This Sunday's challenge in AIS Over an orange base. Wasn't quite sure I wanted to do one, I thought there was going to be a lot of butterflies by other members too. But I guess I was wrong, so I pulled out my only orange polish Essie Meet me at sunset for my base color.
The plate I used Dashica Big SdP V and used Dashica stamping polish in black to stamp with. I like this stamping polish as much as the Konad black one. Then I filled in white dots with my dotting tools and Julie G's in White Orchid and applied NYC matte topcoat Matte Me Crazy. Tho it looks orange it came out more red in the picture and video.

Spring break is over so back to school again, tho it was nice to sleep for a bit longer in the mornings. But spring has started to show her face here in Utah green leaves on the trees and of course that means pollen season has started, so I have been sneezing like crazy.

The items I used.


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