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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Closer Look At Dashica Big SdP X & Stamping Test.

I have to say that when I saw the pre view of this plate and that it was going to be an other special plate for anyone with longer nails, I was so thrilled. This is the second Big plate for those with longer nails, the other one is Big SdP V. I like my nails a bit longer than they are now, so it's been hard finding image plates with full nail images that I don't have to double stamp. I guess it's because I suck at lining up the 2nd image on the same nail, it always gets messed up.
Also the full nail images are amazing as always, even the images with very fine lines and details stamp so well.   And I can use any of my stampers on these images, with no problem at all. It all depends on what stamper you like using when you do your nails. Like I can't use my XL stamper on any of my Bundle Monster or my Cheeky summer set, the images doesn't get picked up. Here are my Closer Look At & Stamping Test videos of this plate. Hope you enjoy.

Closer Look At video.

Stamping Test video.

I have some ideas for some neat manicures using this plate, I just need to hurry and get all of these test videos done so I can do my nails. 
Hope you all have a great weekend. Here it is Memorial Day weekend, and we got some yummy burgers and hot dogs from Omaha Steaks. Other than that, I am trying not to go stir crazy with these dam pollen allergies.

Happy stamping.


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