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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stamping Test: Dashica Big SdP W.

As promised here is the first stamping test of some of the new plates from Dashica. I am starting with Big SdP W, that I got as a gift to review from Shirley. I like this plate because it has both full nail images and individual images. I used a crappy old and cheap polish as base to stamp over, and I will be using Wet N Wild Black Creme to stamp with, don't want to waste my stamping polishes on these tests.
I know my cuticles and hands look like hell in the pictures and video, the joy of warm weather. I am going crazy with my hand lotion and cuticle oil a few times a day. The joy of living in a desert.........

There is a reason why Dashica is my favorite image plate brand in my collection, so many amazing and unique images. And they stamp amazing, it's like no problem getting the images onto your stamper. Yes, I do have bad stamping moments sometimes and mess it up. But that is me and not the plates, so far I don't think I have had a bad image on any of the Dashica plates in my collection that I have used.

Right now I am so into the full nail images, I just love'em. The only thing bad about ordering Dashica plates is the shipping cost. The full nail images cover my nail length, I hate it when the images are so small I have to double stamp. Not the case for me at all with these plates, Shirley has even made a few special Big SdP plates with extra long images and one plates have extra wide images if you have wider nail beds or want to stamp on your toes.

If you want to buy this plate I'm adding the direct link to the plate:

Right Hand.

Left hand.

On one of the nails, I messed up the image. It was not the plate. I pulled the stamper off my nail before I got the whole image onto my nail. So you'll see that I re-did that image on the next nail.  
This plate has quite a few images that will be perfect for next year's Valentine's Day. Looking at this plate I can't wait to be done with all of the testing so I can come up with some neat manicures. A few ideas has hit me already. 

To Shirley, thank you so much for giving me this plate I love it. And thanks for being my friend. I will be showing off my Dashica nails around Salt Lake City this summer.

Have a great day, everyone.



  1. The plate look lovely. Thank you for your nice review!

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